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Dismissal of DWI

My client came to pick up her dismissal today while I was in court in Fort Bend. She was set for trial yesterday but the prosecutor dismissed the case Friday. The dash cam showed my client follow every traffic ordinance even before the officer activated the emergency equipment.

The dash cam also showed my client pass both of the field sobriety tests (FST) that actually can be re-evaluated on the video at trial. My client’s FST performance was even reflected in the scores she received from the officer, which include a rare passing score by the officer on the walk and turn and a one leg stand score that was one point from passing. Ironically, the dash cam showed THE OFFICER failing to signal and crossing a double white line in an identical location and in the “supposed” same manner the officer accused my client of doing while the officer was driving my client to jail. The dash cam also showed the officer commit over 20 traffic violations on the way to the jailhouse.

“Oddly”, the dash cam didn’t show my client committing the alleged offenses. You see dash cams automatically capture 30 seconds before the emergency equipment is initiated. Despite both of those supposed violations, MYSTERIOUSLY the officer delayed turning on her emergency equipment immediately and waited for over a minute to pull my client over for those offenses. I’m glad the prosecutor did the right thing and gave my client her life back

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